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Noctua Themed Cable

A Noctua Themed cable! Comes with MDPC-X sleeving, USB connectors finished off in brown heatshrink, and of course - a brown Slim-O connector.


Here you'll find cables that are already made and ready to be shipped! These cables will be shipped within 2 working days.

YC8 Detachable “PUSH PULL” USB Custom Cable: Build Your Own

YC8 connectors are a middle ground. If you found the aviator too chunky for your current setup or a Slim-O too pricey, then this might be a decent compromise. They're a high quality connector and use a push pull mechanism similar to the Slim-O to keep both male and female sides connected. They're extremely small and much more discreet but shout quality. They also like lovely with straight cables. All detachable cables come with a straight 6-inch device (keyboard) cable. Please choose your keyboard connector from the applicable fields below: (USB C, USB Mini, USB Micro) PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING COILS AS AN OPTION WHEN BUILDING YOUR CABLE. ALL CABLES WILL BE COMMISSIONED AS STRAIGHT CABLES. You are able to see the difference in connector sizes on our colours page.