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GMK Laser Themed Cable

GMK Laser theme: "PEW PEW" Want a GMK Laser themed cable, but don't know which sleeves to use? We got you! All of the options for colour have been chosen for you! Made of a mixture of materials we have available here at the Loopy HQ - MDPC-X, TECHFLEX and Paracord 550! It comes standard with the pearlescent Blue Slim-O connector to really make it POP!! All of this finished off with purple and red heat shrinks. Probably one of the cleanest looking cables we've ever seen...we're only being modest! All you need to do is choose your orientation for the coil, which connectors you want and whether you want it longer than the standard 3FT! ***PLEASE NOTE*** The GMK Laser Themed Cable will have an approximate 2 week lead time.